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The 5-Day Cleaning Regimen for a Spotless Home

Follow this checklist and streamline your cleaning process for a chore-free weekend! The secret is to focus on one space at a time and doing a little bit every day to prevent dirt and grime build up that takes even longer to clean.



Many busy professionals choose to prep and cook the entire week’s meal on a Sunday. If you’re too tired to deal with the aftermath, simply load your dishwasher and leave the deep-cleaning to Monday.

Start by cleaning up kitchen hobs and microwaves. Soak your sponge with soapy water to loosen all the dirt and wipe away any food debris or oily residue. Do ensure that the sponges used are non-abrasive and do not contain scouring pads. Then wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. Do the same for the counter tops. When handling the hobs, be cautious in making sure that water does not enter the burner openings.

Wash the sink with some dishwashing liquid, and don’t forget to remove any food bits from the strainer so it stays clean. If you’ve been frying, finish up by mopping the floor to remove any greasiness.



Tackle this task, and you’ll enjoy a sparkling bathroom for the rest of the week!

Start by putting some toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl, and let it sit. Meanwhile, clean the exterior of the toilet (tank, seat, base) with a cleaning solution. Then, use a toilet brush to clean the bowl and end by flushing.

When it comes to cleaning grout lines, the key is to have the right tool. For this, we recommend investing in a sturdy specialty grout brush. Alternatively, an old toothbrush can sometimes be substituted for this.

Pro tip: To reduce soap residues and mineral buildup on your glass shower door, be sure to wipe them with a squeegee after each use.



It’s the middle of the week, and your laundry basket has been piling up. Time to get your washing machine going!

Save time by doing your laundry in batches. While dirty clothes and items are being cleaned in your washing machine, multi-task by doing your weekly ironing. Once the washing and drying are complete, put away your clean clothes immediately to prevent any clutter .

Pro tip: Run a washing program which operates at 90°C and add in some bleach to keep your washing machine clean and free of odours.


Living Room

It’s Friday and you’re ready to unwind. Before you do, tackle these two tasks for a tidy and dust-free living room.

Do some light organising. Stack your magazines, plump up the cushions and go through the mailers that have been sitting on the table for the entire week.

Fire up your vacuum cleaner and let it do the heavy lifting - vacuum over your carpet and other ‘high traffic’ areas to eliminate pet dander, hair balls and other potential allergens .

Once again, if you're too tired from a long week, you can do this on Saturday morning. Don't beat yourself up for missing a day!

Pro tip: A light, flexible and convenient cleaning tool, the cordless vacuum cleaner makes cleaning quick and easy.

That’s it; you're now ready to welcome guests during the weekend! Doing a little bit every day makes cleaning a lot less daunting. Get your family members involved, and save even more time!

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