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The Perfect Vacuuming Routine

There’s a good reason why professionals follow cleaning routines – they work. And the great thing is, you can create your own to reap the exact same benefits. By following a vacuuming routine, you’ll spend less time cleaning and more on the things that really matter to you.

Where to Vacuum

You don’t actually need to clean the whole house every time you vacuum the floor - you just need to cover the areas that actually need cleaning. Every house has certain rooms and sections that are used more frequently than others (e.g. the entrance and lounge room) so identify where these are and focus your attention on them.

How Often to Vacuum

We've all been guilty of procrastination when it comes to our cleaning routines. However, conducting short yet frequent vacuuming sessions can actually save you time in the long run by minimising the necessity for big cleans. Aim to give the most-used areas of the house a quick vacuum every one to three days. The rest can wait for infrequent yet thorough vacuuming sessions.

How Long to Vacuum

If you don’t set a timeframe to complete your vacuuming, it may drag on for far too long! Allocating a specific amount of time will create a sense of urgency to get it done and a better idea of how to plan your day.

When to Vacuum

Vacuuming is just one part of your regular cleaning chores, so it’s important that you do it all in the right order. A good rule of thumb is to always vacuum at the end of the cleaning routine. Always vacuum last to ensure that you suck up any dirt and dust that has been shifted onto the floor from activities such as dusting and wiping down tables.

Use the Right Tools

Vacuum cleaners come with a set of accessories designed to clean a range of surfaces and spaces. For example, the crevice tool helps you get to all of those hard-to-reach spots(e.g.dryer vents, around refrigerators, ductwork, and cars), while the upholstery tool helps you to clean furniture, curtains and car interiors gently and thoroughly. These tools were made to make your life easier so use them to your advantage!

Use the Right Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most important aspects of your routine is to ensure that you have the right vacuum cleaner in the first place! If you like to conduct short and frequent cleans, then handstick vacuum cleaners are perfect for you. They're cordless, light and models like the Athlet Runtime Plus have a runtime of up to 75 minutes. On the other hand, if you or your family members suffer from allergies, a bagged vacuum cleaner will be more suitable as the sealable dust bag will minimise your exposure to dust particles.

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