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Product Guide

Dishwasher care for removing grease and limescale

Article Nr: 00311565

Content: 1 x 250ml bottle


This specifically adapted formula ensures easy removal of fats, oils and limescale. Used every 1 to 2 months, this easy dosage system also helps prevent the formation of rust and improves the performance and lifetime of the dishwasher.


Care for the door seal (if necessary): We recommend wearing protective gloves. Unscrew the cap. Put a little liquid on a cloth and rub the door seal and door frame. If there is a lot of grease, let the solution act for a short time and rub again. Wash your hands afterwards.

Care for the interior: Empty your dishwasher completely. Do not unscrew the cap. Remove the protective film from the cap. Turn the bottle upside down and securely place into the cutlery basket. In the dishwashers without a cutlery basket, place the bottle upside down between the spikes of the lower rack. You can peel the bottle label and use it to attach the bottle to the spikes, holding it securely in place. Choose a program of at least 65°C and let it run until completion resulting in a completely clean dishwasher.

Machine Cleaner for dishwasher

Article Nr: 00311580

Content: 200g cleaning powder, sufficient for 1 treatment


Suitable for all our dishwashers, this cleaner effectively removes greases, starch and protein residue throughout, leaving your dishwasher hygienically clean and improving the lifetime and performance of the appliance.


Empty your dishwasher completely and remove any food residues from filter area. Choose a program of at least 65°C (for example the normal program or the intensive one) and start the machine. After 30 minutes. open the machine with caution and empty the contents of the pack into the cutlery basket or spread throughlout the whole dishwasher. Let the program run until the end. For best results, use every 4 -6 months.


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