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Perfectly Delicious Brunch Recipes for Mums

There’s something special about brunch. It evokes the idea of a carefree weekend as you relax and partake of a scrumptious meal where every bite is a little piece of heaven.

But rather than heading out to pricey restaurants and cafes, why not show love and appreciation for the lady of the house by making her a brunch to remember? Whip up your very own Mother’s Day brunch in the comfort of your own home with this curated list of sweet and savoury treats!

The sweet stuff

If you feel like having something sweet but you're not quite ready to tackle cinnamon buns, brioches and danishes yet, try this Fruity Cream Sandwich . It's simple and quick, making it an ideal recipe for those of you who want something sweet for brunch.

The whipped cream with vanilla gives that feeling of decadence, while any guilt can be eased by all the fresh fruit the recipe calls for! Feel free to mix it up and add whatever fruit suits your fancy. Blueberries, bananas or sliced grapes are great options.

In the mood for savoury

There are those who prefer more savoury options when it comes to brunch. Since it's usually the first meal of the day, it's a good idea to start it off with a well-balanced dish. Something like a Chicken Pot Pie would definitely hit that savoury spot!

Creamy chicken, ham, carrot, celery and potato are cooked and seasoned to perfection for that warm, comforting taste of a home-cooked meal. Garnish each pie with some fresh English parsley and serve with a light, fresh salad on the side for a dish that's sure to be a family favourite.

The classics

1. Pancakes

If you've always wondered how to cook the perfect pancake, look no further thans this Fluffy Pancakes with Butter and Fruits recipe. The secret is to separate the egg yolks from the egg whites, and beat the egg whites till stiff peaks form. Always be careful not to over beat the egg whites, as it will become watery, flat and unusable.

To make sure pancakes are of a consistent size, use a ladle to scoop the pancake mix into the frying pan and flip each pancake once the bottom turns brown. Now comes the fun part - the toppings.

There are so many different toppings you can serve with your pancakes. Stick to the classic butter and maple syrup combination or make it your own with fruit, icing sugar, chocolate sauce, jam, ice cream, or nuts. The possibilities are endless! For a less conventional spin, you could even serve your pancakes with pumpkin and sweetcorn !

2. Eggs

Whether it's scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, sunny-side-up or an omelette, eggs are a staple fixture on any brunch menu. The best part about this protein is that it's the perfect accompaniment for a myriad of dishes. Keep it simple with scrambled eggs on toast or opt for a fancier dish like Eggs Benedict.

If you're looking for an egg dish with a twist, this Baked Eggs and Sausages recipe is worth a try. With garlic-infused tomato sauce, sliced sausages and egg to top it off, it's great with toast or a baguette, making it a perfect sharing meal for a family brunch.

There you go, some great brunch recipes to get you started. Beyond festivities and special occasions, you might soon find your family hankering after you to cook these dishes every weekens!

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