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Napkin Folding Ideas – Lily

Napkin folder ideas - Lily

Attractively folded napkins add the finishing touch to table decorations and will wow your guests at a festive meal. Here are some ideas that will turn your table into something special.

The lily is a classic yet modern napkin design. With more steps than the Marquée, it’s a little more complicated to fold but the result is definitely worth it.

Difficulty level: Medium

Napkin folder ideas - Lily

Step 1

Unfold the napkin and lay it flat on the table with the printed or dyed side face down.

Napkin folder ideas - Lily

Step 2

Fold the napkin diagonally to form a large triangle.

Napkin folder ideas - Lily

Step 3

Fold the right corner of the triangle upwards, aligning it with the top point. Repeat with the left corner to form a square.

Napkin folding ideas - Lily

Step 4

Now take the tip of the right fold from the top and fold it downwards so that it now covers the bottom point of the square. Repeat with the left tip.

Napkin folding ideas - Lily

Step 5

Take the top point of the square and fold it downwards so that the tip touches the middle fold at the seam between the right and left flaps.

Napkin folding ideas - Lily

Step 6

Fold the top over once more to overlap the middle fold by approximately one centimeter.

Napkin folding ideas - Lily

Step 7

Turn the napkin through 180 degrees.

Napkin folding ideas - Lily

Step 8

Flip the napkin over so that the folded side is face down.

Napkin folding ideas - Lily

Step 9

Roll both sides towards the middle and tuck the right corner into the left corner, underneath the bottom fold.

Napkin folding ideas - Lily

Step 10

Turn the napkin on its left side.

Napkin folding ideas - Lily

Step 11

Grab the top outer tip of the napkin and bring it down carefully, tucking it into the napkin fold.

Napkin folding ideas - Lily

Step 12

Turn the napkin on its right side and repeat.

Napkin folding ideas - Lily

Step 13

Once finished, turn the napkin around so that the folds and seam are facing you.

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