Free-standing dishwashers

Freestanding dishwashers
  • HygienePlus: high temperatures for maximum safety.

    With a temperature level of approx. 70°C maintained for a longer period during rinsing, HygienePlus ensures antibacterial cleaning. That provides safety for families with babies and for allergy sufferers.

  • SuperSilence: for anyone who doesn’t want to hear dishes being washed.

    Many clever details, such as the brushless EcoSilence Drive or the sophisticated sound-damping tub, make our dishwashers so quiet that you will hardly hear them. They are thus the ideal solution for an open kitchen/living room plan.

  • VarioFlexPlus rack system: flexible in size, uncompromising in convenience.

    All dish racks can be very easily adjusted to various sizes of dishes thanks to several movable elements.

  • dosageAssist: brilliant results guaranteed.

    Tablet, powder, or liquid detergent are transferred from the detergent dispenser into a special catch pan attached to the upper rack and is completely dissolved there.

  • Zeolite® technology: dry faster with less energy.

    With the patented Zeolite® technology, dishwashers are even more energy-efficient. The natural Zeolite mineral converts moisture to heat energy and saves energy during drying. The Zeolite beads do not wear out, thus ensuring brilliantly shiny dishes for the life of the appliance.

1,000 possibilities, one-of-a-kind quality: our free-standing dishwashers from Bosch.

You can flexibly place our free-standing dishwashers in your kitchen as you wish. No matter which one you choose, you always benefit from convenient loading, optimum cleaning results, and 100% Bosch quality.

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Place it where you want it: Free-standing dishwashers from Bosch.

Place it where you want it: Free-standing dishwashers from Bosch.

A free-standing dishwasher requires no free cabinet space. Place your 60-cm-wide stand-alone dishwasher flexibly in your kitchen.

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The dishwasher for anyone who really doesn’t have room for a dishwasher.

The dishwasher for anyone who really doesn’t have room for a dishwasher.

Small, flexible, and efficient: Compact dishwashers fit in any kitchen. You can simply place them on the counter.

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Because you love clean dishes – not washing dishes.

Because you love clean dishes – not washing dishes.

To make loading even more convenient for you, we have designed our free-standing dishwashers with extra freedom of movement for your dishes. With the VarioFlex rack system with VarioDrawer, you decide what fits in your stand-alone dishwasher, e.g., espresso cups or a flower vase.

Model SeriesNo matter what dishwasher you're looking for. Whether it's value-for-money quality or the highest standards of performance and design: With our dishwashers, from the Series 2 through to the Series 8, you're guaranteed to find the right model.

Free-standing dishwashers
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Long-lasting Bosch quality at a good price.Designed to make your everyday family life easier.Great comfort combined with low energy consumption.For the highest standards of performance and design.
Always the latest innovations & outstanding design
Total flexibility when loading/filling
Wonderfully quiet dishwashing
Reliable protection against water damage
Compact dishwashers
Serie | 2Serie | 4
Branded quality at a good price.To meet the needs of your everyday family life.
Automatically the best dishwashing results
Can be fitted anywhere in your kitchen.
Wonderfully quiet dishwashing


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